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About the Artist

Born in 1972, Laurence Bost currently lives and works in Paris. But she never stays there very long, she has so many traveling brushes… 2022 began in the incomparable light of the banks of the Nile.
Laurence Bost is self-taught (she only stopped for a season at the Etampes workshop) and produced her first paintings barely 15 years ago. Since 2012, she has exhibited her works every year at Galerie 26, place des Vosges in Paris.
Laurence’s oils on canvas are distinguished by their incomparable light. As caught in the canvas, the light comes in rays of sunshine, reflections, backlighting… This is what gives his paintings this impression of a moment captured on the spot, this freshness of colors, this truth of attitudes. She likes outdoor painting, but she also puts her easel in a library or a holiday garden. There, she captures on the spot the first ray of sunshine on the carpet in the hallway, children’s games in the grass, a quarter of an hour of reading in the cool shade of a lime tree… Laurence transcends everyday life, gives it life.

Course Program

The workshop will begin with a half-day or a day devoted to reminders and/or learning the main rules of classical painting.
The subjects covered will be different each day and focused on a central motif ranging from still life to portrait according to the suggestions of the artist who will work with each student in an individual and educational way to obtain a correct canvas.


The workshops will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (six hours per day). They will be punctuated by gastronomic breaks

Profile of Interns

The workshops are aimed at both beginners and experienced

Useful information

Accommodation in the castle
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served by the castle.
Workshop price

€1850 per person. The price includes accommodation in the castle with full board.


Cloths (at least 1 per day)
Brushes of different sizes (special brushes for oil painting)
Rembrandt tubes:
white mixed
Yellow ochre
Dark cadmium yellow
madder lake
vermilion red
Olive green
bladder green
Medium Cinnabar Green
Natural umber
brown van dick
Dark ultramarine blue
And other colors you like…


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