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About the Artist

After training as a graphic designer, under the direction of Pierre Dardel, Françoise Caillette-Deneubourg worked for ten years in advertising, then devoted herself to painting. Since 1996, she has traveled the planet on foot, sketching in passing moments of life, faces and landscapes. His notebooks track the ephemeral and allow him to share the emotions of his encounters. The quality of the portraits she sketches is always moving and makes her one of the most impressive portrait painters among traveling painters. She lives in Antony, in the Parisian suburbs.

Course Program

In this course, dealing mainly with drawing, the basis for the development of a notebook, we will discuss:
-choice of subject
-the frame
-the composition, lines of force, balance and proportions
– character sketch
-the portrait
-the layout of a notebook (writing, use of various elements, collages, etc.)

The notebook maker tells what he feels, the way he looks at what surrounds him is a personal approach.


The workshops will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (six hours per day). They will be punctuated by gastronomic breaks

Profile of Interns

The workshops are aimed at both beginners and experienced.

Useful information

Accommodation in the castle
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served by the castle.
Workshop price

€1500 per person. The price includes accommodation in the castle with full board.


A bag large enough to contain the equipment necessary for the work in situ.

-a container (not glass) large enough to properly rinse your brush
-2 drawing clips
-a cloth (cotton T-shirt type)
-a small soap (cleaning the brushes)
-2 watercolor brushes if possible in sable n°8 and n°12 (expensive but so effective)
– a box of good quality watercolors
– paper glue, tape
-a pair of scissors
-a notebook cover or cardboard back 200 to 300 gr watercolor paper +/- smooth according to his habits, to draw a fine grain is desirable, format approximately 30×20 cm
-a flat elastic to keep it closed
– a notebook of smooth, white paper for sketches, format approximately 15×20
– Faber Castell HB and 2B pencils
– markers with different tips from 2 to 5, indelible ink Faber Castell or Staedtler
-for the production of the final notebook there are hardcover spiral notebooks, colored sheets 25×25 or 28×35 cm of a sufficient weight to collect the various drawings and watercolors made
– you can also provide a few tubes of gouache or acrylic for additions to the colored paper as well as a fine white marker

The fact of bringing together the different elements a posteriori avoids “the fear of doing wrong and the anxiety of the white sheet”. Any item will be interesting.
A folding chair will be provided on site.


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